June 26, 2006


During the Srisailem trip something involuntarily made me think of John Galt. Okay, I very much understand and acknowledge the divide between haves and have-nots. And by Indian standard I am doing reasonably well. I am a libertarian. Also I believe charity is one thing and free market is another. And two should not be mixed. I am a supporter of free market. Free market is all about demand and supply. You got a skill, a product or a service and if there is demand for the same in the market, you can exchange the same in lieu of something tangible, say money. The cost is determined by the demand. And with time there evolves minimum price for items being traded. Unless I am not exploiting you by underpaying you should not demand more for your services/products/skill. Your skill has a worth and I can negotiate, okay, but can not force my will to you. You are free not to trade with me. But once we have arrived at a negotiated price that’s what I am going to pay you. And you better accept it and don’t try to play it out with my emotions. If your service comes with the aha effect then I don’t mind paying you extra but then you should not demand that as your right.
Now why I am babbling this? There was this cab driver who had been such a dude during the trip whom we did pay 50% more than agreed upon price. And then there was this boat man during the trip who was constantly pressing us to give him extra bucks, asking price for my watch and showing his bare wrist, as if I am responsible for his misery. A parasite? Huh!!

PS – Sorry if I am taking this to extreme. But I have already requested you not to mix charity with free market.

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