January 27, 2007

Life is no movie!!

and events would not turn out to be the best possible available option in a situation.

If this were one of the Hindi movies Hassan and I used to watch, this was the part where I’d run outside, my bare feet splashing rainwater. I’d chase the car, screaming for it to stop. I’d pull Hassan out of the backseat and tell him I was sorry, so sorry, my tears mixing with rainwater. We’d hug in the downpour. But this was no Hindi movie.

Khaled Hosseini in The Kite Runner.

January 26, 2007

Resolutions 2007!!

Okey, resolutions are meant to be broken and I, on the same day sat in front of TV and watched The Bigg Boss and have been following all the actions regularly ;-)

I think when anybody makes a resolution, mostly that is to suppress some desire or other (As in not to watch the rediculous and nonsensical tele masala of Bigg Boss), and at times to make onself move out of her comfort zone (Like from tommorrow morning I'd leave my bed at 6 in the morning).Mr. Krishnamurti's take on desire.

Why are we tortured by desire? Why have we made desire into a torturous thing? There us desire for position , desire for position, desire for fame, sexual desire , the desire to have money , to have a car, and so on. What do you mean by desire? And why it is wrong? Why do we say we must suppress or sublimate desire, do something about it?
What’s wrong with desire? You have suppressed it. Most of you have suppressed desire, for various reasons – because it is not convenient, not satisfactory, or because you think it is not moral, or because religious book say that to find God you must be without desire, and so on. Tradition says you must suppress, control, dominate desire, so you spend your time and energy in disciplining yourself.
Now, let us first see what happens to a mind that is always controlling itself, suppressing, sublimating desires. Such a mind, being occupied with itself, becomes insensitive. Though it may talk about sensitivity , goodness, though it may say that we must be brotherly, we must produce a marvelous world, and all the rest of the nonsense that people talk who suppress desire – such a mind is insensitive because it does not understand that which it has suppressed.
Whether you suppress or yield to desire, it has essentially the same because the desire is still there .You may suppress the desire for a woman, for a car, for position; but the very urge not to have these things, which makes you suppress the desire for them, in itself a form of desire. So, being caught in desire, you have to understand it, and not say it is right or wrong.

January 9, 2007

Disappointed, Just Laugh It Away!!

Is it just happening to you or everyone around you? Are you wondering if your expectations are too high? Are you doing something wrong? Maybe! Have you taken the time to understand that you will be disappointed often and that you must be prepared to deal with disappointment?


January 6, 2007