June 26, 2006

A Saturday well spent!

24th June, 2006

4:10 AM:
Trring trring hellomotto. Trring trring hellomotto. Snooze. Soon after another alarm goes off. Okey guys lets leave the bed and get ready. Fast! Call Laddu. Check if Samars are up. Bansal ko jagao. Ask him to check with Arshi, if she has wake up. Arre amitji jaldi karo , bus aa gai hai. Dekho dekho mishraji hasn’t taken bath. Meanwhile Laddu and Sonali has already boarded the bus. Abe Doctor jaldi nikal. Hume fir Deepak aur Priyanka ko bhi pick karna hai.

5:30 AM:
After dropping Mishra, Bansal and Laddu near an ICICI bank atm we went to pick Samars up.” Sir come down to the main road, as the height of the bar on the road leading to your home is too short for the bus to cross.”

5:45 AM:
We all (9 of us) are on our way to Srisailem.

With couple of halts and photo shoots on the way we reached our Saturday getaway. Had darshan in the shiv-shakti temple . It was almost 12 in the noon , and it had been almost 8 hours since we were awake and were very hungry. We had parked the bus in the premises of Punnami and few of us were contemplating having lunch at the restaurant. And then the best part of the trip and the pleasant surprise, Sonali and Priyanka had already planned for the lunch and had prepared puri and sabzi for all! Thanks guys, you are the best!

After lunch we started back. Made a stopover near dam. There we saw unusual boats. And the boating experience there was the second best thing during the trip. With all that spinning boat and play with water and the photo shoot, it was amazing. Something at this site made me think of Ayn Rand and John Galt.

At around 4 in the evening we hit the road back to Hyderabad. We played antakshari , dumb c and no dare only truth :-0). He had gala time on our way back.

We landed back in the city at around 9 in the night. Had our dinner at Reshmi’s and finally at around 12 in the night we were all back to our bed, dreaming happily about the one of the best outing.

PS. All of you are amazing guys. Love you all!

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