December 28, 2008

Go Beyond Lighting A Candle!!

A candlelight vigil , as described by Wikipedia, is an outdoor assembly of people carrying candles, held after sunlight. And this is in vogue.

There was this unfortunate terror attack in Mumbai and we all saw public outcry and their angst against political establishment. Every citizen of this country started wanting to do something for his country. But what can an individual do? Oh wait; there is this novel idea of a candlelight vigil. A symbolic solidarity for victims - of Mumbai terror attack or Jessica Lal. So we lit a candle, join people in-mass and that’s it. Our part is done. We feel content. At least we joined the peace march. We did our bit. Then we, The people of India, go to hibernation till something else happens.

All this is good. At least we still have some feelings left of our country and countrymen. But this is not it. We need to go beyond just lighting a candle. Otherwise that is just hypocrisy.

Or what else you say when you see people not bothering to even stop when there is some accident. It personally happened with me. I was pillion rider with a friend. He somehow lost the balanced, bike skidded and both of us fell down. By the time we got up at least 5-6 people on their bike crossed the site but none of them stopped to help us. And no, there were not aam junta. This happened very near to my office and all of them must be working one or other IT company in the IT Park nearby. I am not denying that in general people don’t help but there have been many cases when they pretend not to see anything. God forbid, but had there been any casualty these very people would have participated in a candlelight vigil shouting slogan against govt's negligence to maintain proper road. Hypocrisy, I say.

Or what else you say when you see people not following a queue. And then complaining about slow working of government officials? The other day I asked this lady if she mind coming in the queue. Instead doing so we snapped on me saying that that is how she get canteen coupon daily and no body objected. And mind it this happened again in the canteen of the IT park. Hypocrisy, I say.

Or what else do you say when people refuse to follow traffic signals and lane rules . I was waiting at a red signal and this gentleman behind me was honking continuously for I refused to give way to him to cross the red signal. Hypocrisy, I say.

Or what else do you say when people, including me (I even don’t have a voter Id card and I am past ten years the voting age. Shame on me.) don’t exercise their franchise but keep cribbing about the govt and its policies. Hypocrisy, I say.

Armchair intellectualism is good for discussions but that does no good. Now is the time to stop talking and start doing. Lets go beyond just lighting a candle. Lets be change at root level and the bigger changes would follow suit.

November 29, 2008

And We Stand United !!

In paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in fighting the Mumbai terror. We all deeply mourn the loss their families we as nation have suffered. This is heartening though to know there are still few who don't care for their lives even when they are at the line of fire when they are doing their duty. The India salutes you all. May your soul rest in peace.

What Next !!

Lets face it, our current government has been a complete failure in tackling the securities issues. And intelligence department,, huh,, is complete farce. I know a person working with IB , claiming that the department runs on paper clippings, news articles and its source of information are media coverages. Even if you take that with a pinch of a salt, that is like WTF?.We need complete revamp of intelligence system.Not to forget about change in help at home department. Some news paper rightly commented that Shivraj Patil is the most incompetent home minister ever. Home , foreign , defence and finance ministry all need some dynamic and aggressive leaders. Not to miss the prime minister. All these guys needs balls to take some decision above from party politics. Do they have in them to take some decision and stand by it , similar to testing nuke??

Thats for government , lets look inward at ourselves, we the people of India. Proud to be an Indian?? For what ?? The poverty , the backwardness, the petty politics, the vulnerable security. Huh!! We are no where near even China. The all this talk of being superpower is just bullshit. To be a superpower , a developed nation we have to rise above just armchair intelectualism . Now is the time to stop talking and start doing.Most importantly change in attitude of each and every citizen of India is required. Boss it is not somebody else problem. For God's sake ye nahi chalta hai. Change starts from within. Lets be the change neccessary to make India the superpower. Enough is enough.

November 28, 2008

I Am Scared !!

Yes,I am scared about safety,my safety,safety of my family,safety of my neighbor.Who is responsible for our safety? I don't want to be another victim of a blast or a bullet. Who will ensure safety of each and every citizen of this country?

Its gross , its outrageous. Whatever happened in the Mumbai.

An event can change the whole course of life for somebody. Now is that time for India. Life will not be same again for us, Indians. We have to stop being indifferent, we were not being tolerant. We were indifferent. There is no Mumbai spirit. People were just indifferent. It didnt happen to me, thank God. Next day everything is normal. God damn it!! How can one ignore what happened in trains, and continue with one's daily life as if nothing had happened. That is not tolerance for God's sake. That is indifference to reality. As long as I am not directly affected that is fine. I dont care what happened yesterday and carry on with my own life. That is escapism. Turn back face the reality. If this time we dont do that , we , as nation, can never rise up. Enough is enough.

October 3, 2008

And That Aint You !!

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!

Stumbled upon this quote from Rocky Balboa.

June 23, 2008

Whats Your Name Sire ? !!

"Hello sir, I am calling on behalf of Tata-AIG. Can I have few minutes of your time?"
"And that would be regarding?"
"About some products of ours".
"I am busy, please give me a call some time tomorrow."
"Okey sir. May I know your name sir??"


So these tele-marketers just pick up any no. randomly and call up. Without even knowing the name of the person, forget about having other relevant information of the person they are calling up. Some time back I had registered my no. in NDNC Registry. Now it was time to make to complaint to my telecom service provider. I called the customer care and lodged a complaint against violation of NDNC service.
If you are constantly bugged by different companies for takeing credit cards/loans/insurance policies and what not , it is time to register your cellphone no. to NDNC Registry and putting an end to all unsolicited commercial communnication .

April 21, 2008

(Don’t) Be a Balti!!

Kyunki jo balti nahi hote hain o chori karte hain.
Blatant plagiarism on Ibibo.Check out this link and now go through my old posts. This is bloody bull yaar !
I tried to contact the author of the post , but there is no way I can contact him without registering with the site and proving how big a balti I’m. I have sent my concern to the owner of the site using contact us link. Lets see what they have to say about the same.

April 15, 2008

Customer Care !!

In continuation with previous post , I saw contrast in services provided by E-Zone (the seller) and Eureka Forbes , Whirlpool (the actual products). I assume that it was fault of E-Zone that they didn't inform Eureka Forbes of the our buy , and hence delay from their side. But once aware of purchase they immediately sent a person to install the purifier. And this guy did a great job. They even followed it up by calling and inquiring about installation and satisfaction of service. At the other end I also got call from Whirlpool for proper installation and working of refrigerator. They called me up quite some time to ask for my convenient time so that they can come down and demonstrate. That is how you create good feeling for your customer.
E-Zone , take a clue from them.

E-Zone Sucks !

Visit E-Zone only to check out products of various brands and their prices. Once you have made up your mind based on the features you are looking for in a particular product, just get out the shop and visit regular old timers electronics shop to buy the stuff. Treat E-Zone only a place to compare features of a product and perhaps prices too. Coz , even if you save few bucks here they have pathetic after sales support as in delivery itself. Once the money is paid they think there part is done with. You will not receive the delivery of the goods as promised.
I bought a tv, refrigerator and a food processor from this place. Surprisingly they did deliver tv and refrigerator on time but missed to deliver food processor. Then started endless calls to ezone. With every call all I here is by tomorrow the stuff would be delivered. As they say, tomorrow never comes. I needed to go back and threaten them to get the delivery next day.
Once bitten twice shy!! In my case I repeated the mistake of going back to them for buying water purifier. They do have all available brands for the product and that’s where they stand out. But I wish they do take bit effort to service that as well. So I bought the water purifier and they promised that somebody would come within 48 working hours to install it. That day being Saturday 48 hours means coming Tuesday. Fair enough. It was only after three such Tuesdays and n numbers of calls to them the installation was done.
Buying a product does not stops with paying for it. The whole buying experience start with the visit to the store and not until you have started using it the involvement of the company ends. So having competitive price (I doubt if they are really competitive) is one part of it. Any company needs to ensure that they have support for customer till they start using the product and also after sale proper service. Only being cost effective does not suffice. You have to support it with equally good support and service. Unless E-Zone does that , my verdict is E-Zone sucks.

By the way we are almost done with setting up our home :)