December 25, 2007

You Are Invited!!

It all started around seven months back, when our parents exchanged our phone numbers and then passed it on to us. Yes people , marriage was definetly on cards. As things would have it, early may this year Ruchi and I had our respective phone numbers.
We spoke couple of times over the phone before we decided to meet in person. And one fine day, around mid may, I landed to Pune to meet her. We spoke in length at Barista , and by the time it was time to say tata , both of us knew that we had found the one. Yes , we had found someone to grow old with , and share the set of artificial teeth when we are old.
Next six months were roller-coster ride for us. With all roothna-manana to sweet nothings. From our dreams to all our nightmares.All our similarities to differences. All success and failures.All apprehension and reassurance.Irritation and affection. We had it all. Amidst rising phone bill, late night phone calls and leg pulling of colleagues we got engaged on Aug 4th.
Come Jan 19th and high phone bills , long hours spend on phone and early morning spicejet flight to mumbai (enroute to Pune) , will be history.

That is the day Ruchi and I are tying nuptial knot at Ranchi. Haldi, Mandap (on 17th Jan) and Dhritdhari (on 18th Jan) preceeds main marriage ceremony and will at my residence in Jamshedpur.Join our celebration of beginning of our new life together.