June 12, 2006

Cold Calling (Messaging)!

Scene 1: You are in a meeting and ping ping , buzz of your cellphone indicating arrival of a sms.

Dhoolpeta Spl! To set CALLERTUNES like Oka Naatito, Nippulu Pedavula, Maa Area, The Beginning, Vastavaa & More, Call 123419. Chgs Rs 6/min.

Scene 2: Sunday afternoon, you are trying to get a good afternoon’s nap, ping ping , another sms on your cellphone.

Play the Football Quize, SMS GOAL to 123 and win a trip to visit Football Crazy Goa. SMS Lucky or log on to www.hutch.in to get prize details. Rs 3/contest SMS.

How irritating. Even after my repeated requests to Hutch that I don’t want to receive any promotional messages I am still getting them and with good frequency of at least 2 a day! First they said I need to change setting of my mobile phone, then they did some settings at their end but without any effect…… I am fed up with this cold messaging (cold calling!).

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