August 14, 2005

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Some funde from the post of a person whome i known for brief time.
1. Dont let anyone disturb you.
2. Dont take it to heart.
3. Dont carry it too far.

Dial 1098!

Dial 1098

When you see a child
in distress.

Written on the t-shirt of this small boy , hardly 10-12 years old , sweeping the floor clean in one compartment of the train i took home.India shining ??

Ayn Rand and J K Rowling !

Two women novelist and my both favourite. At the one end Ayn Rand wrote philosophy , creator of Howard Roark and John Galt and the other end Rowling with her Potter thing. I am a big time fan of Harry Potter.
Why these two are my fav?
Ayn Rand :
I just love the characters of Gail Wynand , Dagny taggert , Hank Reardon, Francisco d'Anconia. Some for the way they worked there way up and other for there sheer grit and determination and intelliegence. Strange enough my favourite character is neither Howard Roark nor John Galt.
J K Rowling:
More than the imagination she has used in the novel this is the friendship element among Harry , Ron and Hermione I admire.

Kindda different ? Who is John Galt , anyway ?

Why ?

# People become more important after death than when they are alive.
# Caste consideration is still around , and i am not talking about politics.
# Even when we are paying for something , we dont demand better service.
# We take things with chalta hai attitude.
# We tend to hurt them who matter to us most.
# We take these peopel for granted.
# We wait for some occasion to let these people that they matter to us.
# We usually hold back appreciation.
# Most of the time we dont mean when we say thank you/sorry.
# Descipline can not come at individual level.

Funda !

Plan - Execute - Feedback (reviews/milestones checking) - Adjustment - Execute.