August 6, 2011

Today was a long day !!

Half awake and sleepily, I look at my mobile, oh boy couple of missed calls and message from my wife. How long did I sleep? What's the time? 8:45 in the night. So I slept only for 45 mins. Time now for quick chat with wifey and then quick dinner.

At 10 pm back at room with couple of articles, one text book chapter to be read before I could try my hands on the case to be read for tomorrow's strategy management class.

Flashback to 7:30 am the same day. Grudgingly I am getting out of my bed. Its time to get ready fast, have a quick bite at the mess and run for the class. Professor is already in the class and next hour and a half is about how to manage a world class operations. After assimilating concepts of operations research in the previous term we are learning operations management this term. Though explained in manufacturing terms, fundas are on managing supply chain. 

Next two class, for full three hours, are on corporate finance management. Again we have had our finance base created with managerial and financial accounting in earlier term. So how would you raise capital for your venture? Shall you go for debt or for raising money through equity? Should you consider approaching a venture capitalist or go for private placement? 

At 1:30 in the afternoon, its time for a quick lunch. And by 2:15 we are back again, just in time, for economics class. So is trade between two countries good? What if one of the country is small in GDP? What is absolute advantage and how it is different vis-a-vis comparative advantage? Why import tariff? Why quota? Ohhh, enough for today man! 

But no. There are another two classes lined up for today. Change is only constant, they said. So there it is, gyan on how to lead and manage change. Using case professor is explaining the nuances of change management. 4 teams have come prepared with their analysis of cases and making presentation. Once teams are done with their presentation professor takes over and summarizes the learning from the case.

7:30 PM - Finally we are through with a long and grinding day. 

Back to current time. It is already 1:00 am and I have just finished two articles  to be read before I start with the case. Thankfully tomorrow ( today?) classes starts at 10 so I can still stretch some more. 2:30 - done with the case. Time to hit the bed !!