May 16, 2005

Accept them as they are !

More than taking a stand it seems accepting people as they are makes life easier. People dont act and react the way you do , and expecting them to behave the way you do would be nothing less than foolishness .There are differences and thats what make beauty of relations. Make all the expectations null and void , detach yourself and accept those around you the way they are , life will be easy. It seems I think , therfore I am dangerous :o) . Let go off all expectation and enjoy life as it comes , no setting of standards and comparision. Not atleast in relations. One thing I feel is expectations are image of yourself , its kindda had I been at your place I would have acted or reacted in this particular way in the given situation , and you start attaching expectation which is not only wrong but also undesirable as people are unique in their own way , and now I understand that this uniqueness makes spices of the life . Good learning buddy :o) . Now I am at peace with myself . Atlast this seems true mental peace.
We cannot go back in time to change things but we can always make new beginning .