November 4, 2006

One Hour at Charminar!

Mere thought of visiting a Muslim majority area used to elicit apprehension in me. I am a Hindu by birth, but I would rather call myself agnostic. Being born as Hindu and brought up in a Hindu society had its effect on me. I do respect all religions but there used to be certain trace of doubt toward Muslim, perhaps media had some role in that owing to Hindu Muslim rift. Its not that I never interacted with any person born Muslim, if fact few of my friends are Muslim, but the interaction was limited to one to one, in class, in hostel and likes. I have never been to a place surrounded by mostly Muslims, till we decided to visit charminar one night during ramzan. I had been to charminar earlier also but that was in broad day light.
Prejudiced and apprehensive, like many other Hindus, that we were, reached the charminar area at around 11 pm in the night. The rational behind the daring move (perhaps I can term it that way) was we could be assured of their moderate behavior owing to the fact these are holy days of ramzan. And to our utter disbelieve the whole area was bustling with activities, chaotic traffic, a large no of people, male, female and children doing their rounds of ramzan shopping. Shops, road side eateries all doing brisk business at that unmanly hour of day. Initially I was feeling insecure, conscious of all my activities fearing a wrong move can create a havoc, perhaps exaggerated but that’s how theoretical ideas and belief differs from first hand experience.
Adjacent to Charminar there is Mecca musjid, still apprehensive I decided to go inside that. Few meters inside the courtyard a small boy asked me to take my footwear in hand before I venture further. I freely walked around in the courtyard and till the inner court of the musjid. Slowly but surely I was getting over my apprehensions. Outside the musjid a fruit vendor mentioned that during holy days of ramzan this market place remains open round the clock. Later we interacted with some other vendors and involved in a light hearted banter with few local boys. By the time we decided to push off after spending around an hour there I was at ease and all apprehensions were gone for good. Now there wasn’t any difference in my theoretical belief and practical idea vis-à-vis Muslim community.
I do believe that all religions, Islam included, teach tolerance towards other, spread of goodwill and all other good things. It is perhaps misunderstanding and misrepresentation of traditions and culture which is leading to create this kind of popular intellectual belief.

October 21, 2006

What shall i do now, sir!

I am Santosh, 13 years old boy. I used to work in a road side hotel, but the other day the hotel owner told me that I can not longer work in that hotel, for that matter any other hotel, restaurants or home, as the govt has banned working of children at these places. I must be happy, you may think. Yes, I indeed was. I never wanted to work. I wanted to go to school as Shainky bhaiya, at whose house my mother works as maid, goes. But there are five more mouths to be fed at my home and that’s why apart from my mother, who works at few houses in the officers colony near our slum, and father, who works as daily wage laborer, I and my younger sister, all of 10 years, who helps my mother in her work, used to work. But now, after this ban no body is employing us any more. The earning hands in the home have reduced. And it is becoming very difficult for our family to survive. Should I be happy?
Just because we are poor does not mean our parents don’t love us. Any damn living being loved their offspring. We work not out of love of it, rather necessity of feeding family members drives up to hotels and other work places than to school. This ban, I must say, like few other govt initiatives (like reservation for OBCs; 100 days of mandatory work in rural areas etc) stems from right intention but the execution steps are misplaced. They are working on symptoms rather than the disease itself. Do you think after they had enforced the ban I am going to school? No way. I am trying to persuade the hotel owner to let me work in the hotel and in a day or two we will go back to work. Nothing solid or fruitful will come out a ban like that. With a ban how are they ensuring the enforcement of the same. With time this will become just another govt fad. Somebody was mentioning the getting primary education is my right as an Indian citizen. Oh my right? You said I am being cynical? Well if stating facts makes me cynic, then yes I am being one.
Okay, let’s analyze the problem, possible solution, govt’s intention and execution.There are few instances where govt.'s intention behind implementing a policy is good but the policies , in these cases only address the symptoms of the problem than the problem itself. Like 100 days guaranteed employment in rural areas. This does not address the real problem of unemployment and unemployabilty but is rather short sighted solution for above problems.Similary in my case all we need is access to education, health and learning of employable skills. Once these are provided they no longer need to ban child labour. If that is done there would not be any child around free to employed in these trades. All that i, my family and others in my situation need is these basic life supporting plans and execution and not the ban on child labour.

September 15, 2006

Technology, Entertainment, Design!

About the latest ideas in Technology, Entertainment and Design, also Business, Science and The Arts... any subject area offering something fresh and important.


Guys at google never seizes to amaze us. Check this out.

August 28, 2006

Day 0!

Today is day zero of "I know what". And I better make it to the end.Be strong. BOL to me :)

August 27, 2006

Whatta Ride!

Riding the bike in the rain. Whatta joy. I love it :)

Ganesh Chaturthi!

@ my apartment.
It was after quite a long time saw some kindda cultural event with kids putting up some skits, dance and songs. And all of them were enjoying themselves.In the colony back home they used to have these kind of events on 16th jan, 15th aug and 15th sep (engineer's day) and it used to be great fun. Did somebody say growing old kills all fun! And to add that kids of 10-12 years have started calling me uncle :-D . I am not that old yet!

August 21, 2006

Life Insurance!

Two billboards cought my attention while coming back from office today. Both of them for life insurance and from non financial companies ; Bharti Axa life insurance and Reliance life insurance. Though Reliance had presence in financial domain represented by Reliance Capital , it is completely new venture for Bharti. So diversity seems to be in thing for big enterprises.

August 8, 2006

Last Mile Connectivity!

The last mile is the final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer. And last mile connectivity is real time head ache for the service provider. In essence how a service/product provider connects to the consumer is determined by the process/method of last mile connectivity.
     Same holds good with any service or the product. Okay you, as a service provider (as in service industry) and product manufacturing company, got a great service/product to offer with all those features and everything. But Success of the same depends apart from quality the way your last mile connectivity elements works. For example, if you are offering a product then sales person and in case of service also the person representing your organization becomes face of your product/service and hence they are your last mile connectivity. How successfully and efficiently you get new customer and then repeat customer depends mostly how your front line workers do their job. In most of the cases they are real representative of the company and their behavior can really make or break your customer base.
     And if your company happens to be in service industry then boy you gotta be very serious in selecting these guys. Suppose you are running a restaurant. It offers some fundoo delicacies, has reasonable pricing, good ambience but front line staffs are rude, late service is norm, and proper care of customer is not taken. Then your business is doomed. Similarly how the sales person selling your product deals with customers can really be decisive factor in the overall sales pattern.
     Few days back two incidents made me think this. I had heard of Bose’s soundDock and one fine evening thought of checking the same out and landed at the Bose’s shop at somajiguda. Yes they manufacture sound systems which are perhaps the best in the world but it was the way the sales man, Naveen received us worked as aha effect for the customer. Despite knowing that we were only looking for ipod speaker he went on showing other music systems which at that point of time, for that matter in coming few years also, I could not afford, I am sure he had already made out that given our reaction but that never was visible from the way he kept on entertaining us. He even invited us for the demo of their home theater fully knowing that we would not be buying that. But sure, he was successful in converting us a potential customer. And few years down the line I would certainly think of going for a Bose system.
     Compare this to the attitude of sales person at the showroom of world space. We entered the showroom, stood there for about a minute. No body cared to attend us. I called up a sales guy and asked if anybody would attend us. He told he would have had we asked for some assistance. WTF? You are not displaying some clothing or shoes; where we can browse and if required ask for your assistance. You yourself gotta demonstrate whatever damn radio receiver you are selling. That was major turnoff. I wasn’t in any particular mood of getting a subscription for world space, but who knows mebbe after demonstration I could have opted for one. So he turned back a potential customer. What is the use of having a showroom at Prasads when those guys are not getting you any or less than forecasted customer.
     Sometime back Rashmi has rightly pointed that there are salesman and then there are sari salesman.

August 2, 2006

Yun Hota To Kya Hota!

Rubbish! Key sara sara, what will be, will be. Put on your sincere effort, plan and execute but have the courage to accept the result. No point in brooding what if? Yun hota to kya hota? Aisa hi hona tha . As they have said in Geeta, karm kiye ja, fal ki chinta mat kar. So put on your 100% for the cause but be prepare to accept the result in its full totality and take responsibility. Don’t just sit there and watch, do something. Nothing will happen if you don’t try. At least give it a try. Just do it.

July 24, 2006

Web 2.0 !

Content generation (as in blogging; uploading various kinds of files) and consumption thereof is the single most important idea WEB 2.0 is based on. Then there are many social networking sites around, friendster, myspace, meetup, orkut, yaari , hi5 , ryze , linkedIn to name a few. Few web 2.0 companies are coming in this space. Then there was that last from 1997 to 2001.

More or less all these networking sites can be said to based on the concept of six degrees of separation , according to this anyone on earth can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries. And almost all of these sites offer same features, scrapbook, testimonials, photo gallery, and blogs. All of these come for free. Then ad remains only way of getting revenues. Then like no of eyeballs for TV programs, no of unique user define the sponsorship. But with so many sites around on the web wide world, which is not limited by physical boundaries, what could be ones usp?

As identified by The Guardian, It's an emerging rule of thumb that suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will "interact" with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it. They go on to say with respect to youtube, again a content generation and consumption site for sharing videos,
The numbers are revealing: each day there are 100 million downloads and 65,000 uploads - which as Antony Mayfield (at points out, is 1,538 downloads per upload - and 20m unique users per month.
That puts the "creator to consumer" ratio at just 0.5%, but it's early days yet; not everyone has discovered YouTube (and it does make downloading much easier than uploading, because any web page can host a YouTube link).
Apart from networking sites and video sharing sites , there are other web 2.0 companies based on the idea of content generation and consumption like photo sharing site flicker , bookmark sharing site , blogs feed sharing site bloglines , and the online encyclopedia wikipedia .
So sharing is the future of web. But with that marketing and revenue generation for these companies would be redefined. How? We have to wait and watch.

Updated: Few India specific social networking sites (minglebox , humSubka) are coming up.More about web2.0.

July 12, 2006

When will this stop!

Or will it stop ever? This is reality of present world and we have to live with cowardly acts of terrorism. I don’t understand what point they are trying to drive home. I hate to say but terrorism acts cannot be prevented, we can hardly take proactive measures but perhaps reactions can be channelized in proper way.
If you want some help or can provide some, please visit Mumbai help.
Post script : Or perhaps a more efficient intellegence can help prevent these acts.

June 30, 2006

Champs are made of stuff!

Long time since I saw a tennis match. Yesterday, second round at Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal (2) vs.  Robert Kendrick (237). After trailing behind 6-7, 3-6 in first two sets it was 5-6 in the third set and Kendrick was serving the match point at 40-40. But champions are made of stuff, somebody rightly said. Final outcome of the match which ran for 3 hours and 40 mins on the center court, Nadal wins by 6-7, 3-6, 7-6, 7-5, 6-4. He survived 28 aces of Kendrick. Boy the grit, determination and confidence of the no 2 were worth watching. Not to undermine Kendrick’s effort. He maintained his cool and was very poised unlike Nadal, who after winning each point was exuberant. Over all a very good match.

June 26, 2006

Amateur Photographer!

Trip to Srisailem, through lens!

Apan chalein Srisailem. Abids in the early morning.

Road to Srisailem. Hardware park , nanotechnology park, fab city etc. are on this stretch of road.

Sonali and Priyanka. Check out the tree tunnle in the background.

Jana bahot hai door.
Reservoir at Dindi dam.

Ruk kyun gaye? Badhe chalo.

Our small group in front of the temple.

Step roads leading to Srisailem.
We! In front of the dam.

Somebody told these are Kerla boats.

The Temple!

I am Hindu by birth and never entertained my choice on my religion. I am spiritual but not religious. I am not a believer and perhaps also not an atheist. Usually I am neutral when it comes to religious issues. I neither go overboard with religious rituals nor is it like I don’t step in to a temple. At times I do visit temple with my folks. Things I like about temples are peace and serenity. Apart from temple I had only been to church hence I cannot compare different places of worship. So when we visited Srisailem over a weekend I been to temple also as a customary visit. The temple complex, whose existing buildings date from the 2nd century AD, is the Bhramaramba Mallikarjunaswamy Temple, it is one of the 12 'Jyotirlingas' in India as well as one of the eighteen most sacred goddess shrines, or Shakti Pithas. Shiva is worshipped here in his form of Lord Mallikarjuna, and Shakti, his consort, as Sri Bharamaramba Devi. Two things I found unusual here; first the shivling was submerged in water and every visitor was suppose to get a water kalash full of water and pour (I could not recall better word here) it in the small water reservoir , in the middle of which shivling is situated , I presume. Another unusual finding was ticket for darshan of a palna in a sheeshmahal kind of place.
Tthis temple has a shrichakra also.


During the Srisailem trip something involuntarily made me think of John Galt. Okay, I very much understand and acknowledge the divide between haves and have-nots. And by Indian standard I am doing reasonably well. I am a libertarian. Also I believe charity is one thing and free market is another. And two should not be mixed. I am a supporter of free market. Free market is all about demand and supply. You got a skill, a product or a service and if there is demand for the same in the market, you can exchange the same in lieu of something tangible, say money. The cost is determined by the demand. And with time there evolves minimum price for items being traded. Unless I am not exploiting you by underpaying you should not demand more for your services/products/skill. Your skill has a worth and I can negotiate, okay, but can not force my will to you. You are free not to trade with me. But once we have arrived at a negotiated price that’s what I am going to pay you. And you better accept it and don’t try to play it out with my emotions. If your service comes with the aha effect then I don’t mind paying you extra but then you should not demand that as your right.
Now why I am babbling this? There was this cab driver who had been such a dude during the trip whom we did pay 50% more than agreed upon price. And then there was this boat man during the trip who was constantly pressing us to give him extra bucks, asking price for my watch and showing his bare wrist, as if I am responsible for his misery. A parasite? Huh!!

PS – Sorry if I am taking this to extreme. But I have already requested you not to mix charity with free market.

A Saturday well spent!

24th June, 2006

4:10 AM:
Trring trring hellomotto. Trring trring hellomotto. Snooze. Soon after another alarm goes off. Okey guys lets leave the bed and get ready. Fast! Call Laddu. Check if Samars are up. Bansal ko jagao. Ask him to check with Arshi, if she has wake up. Arre amitji jaldi karo , bus aa gai hai. Dekho dekho mishraji hasn’t taken bath. Meanwhile Laddu and Sonali has already boarded the bus. Abe Doctor jaldi nikal. Hume fir Deepak aur Priyanka ko bhi pick karna hai.

5:30 AM:
After dropping Mishra, Bansal and Laddu near an ICICI bank atm we went to pick Samars up.” Sir come down to the main road, as the height of the bar on the road leading to your home is too short for the bus to cross.”

5:45 AM:
We all (9 of us) are on our way to Srisailem.

With couple of halts and photo shoots on the way we reached our Saturday getaway. Had darshan in the shiv-shakti temple . It was almost 12 in the noon , and it had been almost 8 hours since we were awake and were very hungry. We had parked the bus in the premises of Punnami and few of us were contemplating having lunch at the restaurant. And then the best part of the trip and the pleasant surprise, Sonali and Priyanka had already planned for the lunch and had prepared puri and sabzi for all! Thanks guys, you are the best!

After lunch we started back. Made a stopover near dam. There we saw unusual boats. And the boating experience there was the second best thing during the trip. With all that spinning boat and play with water and the photo shoot, it was amazing. Something at this site made me think of Ayn Rand and John Galt.

At around 4 in the evening we hit the road back to Hyderabad. We played antakshari , dumb c and no dare only truth :-0). He had gala time on our way back.

We landed back in the city at around 9 in the night. Had our dinner at Reshmi’s and finally at around 12 in the night we were all back to our bed, dreaming happily about the one of the best outing.

PS. All of you are amazing guys. Love you all!

June 22, 2006

Don't grow old...!

Many people are afraid of growing old.
I'm afraid of growing old and boring.
Many people are afraid of growing old, alone.
I'm afraid of growing old, insane.
Many people are afraid of losing their looks.
I'm afraid of losing my dreams.
Many people are afraid of losing their youth.
I'm afraid of losing my soul.
When you're 15, 35 seems ancient.
When you're 35, 15 seems juvenile.
A turnaround in a split second - two decades zoom past and
before you know it, it's only a mile to the next millennium.
Don't fear age,
it's a right of person-hood.
Don't fear death- it's life's greatest jest.
Don't grow old - you don't have to.
Don't date because you're desperate.
Don't marry because you're miserable.
Don't have kids because you think your genes are superior.
Don't separate because you think it's fashionable.
Don't drink because you have troubles.
Don't gamble because you think winning is inevitable.
Don't philander because you think you're irresistible.
Most likely, you're not.
Don't associate with people you can't trust.
Don't cheat.
Don't lie.
Don't pretend.
Don't try to buy your way into the kingdom of God.
Don't dictate because you're smarter.
Don't demand because you're stronger.
Don't sleep around because you think you're old enough and know better.
Don't hurt your kids because loving them is harder.
Don't sell yourself, your family or your ideals.
Don't stagnate.
Don't regress.
Learn a new skill.
Find a new friend.
Start a new career.
Don't live in the past.
Time can't bring anything or anyone back.
Don't put your life on hold for possible Mr. Right.
Don't throw you life away on absolutely Mr. Wrong because your biological clock is ticking and you can't afford to have your eggs harvested before the new millennium.
There's always a mad rush to something, somewhere - but victory does not always belong to those who finish first.
Sometimes, there is no race to be won, only a price to be paid for some of life's more hasty decisions.
You can't always go with the throng who could be wrong.
Sometimes, you have to be alone to be enlightened.
To terminate your loneliness, reach out to the homeless.
To feed your nurturing instincts, care for the needy.
To fulfill your parenting fantasies, get a puppy.
Don't bring another life into this world for all the wrong reasons.
To keep yourself warm, buy a jacket.
In the long run, it will be less complicated and less costly.
To make yourself happy, pursue your passions and be the best of what you can be.
Simplify your life.
Take away the clutter.
Get rid of destructive elements - abusive friends, nasty habits and dangerous liaisons.
Don't abandon your responsibilities, but don't overdose on duty.
Don't live life recklessly without thought and feeling for your family.
Be true to yourself. Don't commit when you're not ready.
Don't keep others waiting needlessly.
Fall in love - it's the greatest thing on earth.
But take care and remember, after the fall must come the rise.
Go on that trip. Don't postpone it.
Say those words. Don't let the moment pass.
Do what you must even at society's scorn.
Write poetry. Love deeply. Walk barefoot. Hold hands.
Dance with wild abandon. Cry at the movies.
Take care of yourself.
Don't wait for someone to take care of you.
You light up your life.
You drive yourself to your destination.
No one completes you - except you.
It is true that life doesn't get easier with age.
It only gets more challenging.
Don't be afraid.
Don't lose your capacity to love.
Pursue your passions.
Live your dreams.
Don't lose faith in yourself.
Don't grow old.

Just grow up.

picked up

Few good lines!

Why is it important for you to always win?
Do we really need a reason for our every action?
So life continues by trial and error
If any part of your uncertainty is a conflict of your heart with your mind - Follow your mind!'
"I realize, small aim is a crime" - Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam
Smile please.! No one is worth your tears.
You're not wrong. You just expect me to be the perfect person I am not. :)
In hindsight, everything is easy, all pain is avoidable.
That one extra mile is what makes all the difference. Go for it!
It is incredible how the mind comes up with justifications when it suits our personal purpose.
Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another's personhood.
There is just a thin line between asking for a rational explanation and cribbing.
Does this sound too idealistic? Maybe. Does it make business sense? You decide. Is it better to die trying? Any day.

© if any is duly acknowledged.

June 21, 2006

Hyderabad , from a distance!

A little too far.
Door door tak badal.
Badal hi badal.
Aur badal.
My cam comes with 12x zoom :0).
Above pic without zoom.
A concrete jungle?
Good heavens..
Approaching ground.

June 20, 2006

Enough of denial!

Okay! I have been such an a$$h@l* all these while. Denying, till this very moment.Come on face it, accept the reality you damn fool.

June 12, 2006

Cold Calling (Messaging)!

Scene 1: You are in a meeting and ping ping , buzz of your cellphone indicating arrival of a sms.

Dhoolpeta Spl! To set CALLERTUNES like Oka Naatito, Nippulu Pedavula, Maa Area, The Beginning, Vastavaa & More, Call 123419. Chgs Rs 6/min.

Scene 2: Sunday afternoon, you are trying to get a good afternoon’s nap, ping ping , another sms on your cellphone.

Play the Football Quize, SMS GOAL to 123 and win a trip to visit Football Crazy Goa. SMS Lucky or log on to to get prize details. Rs 3/contest SMS.

How irritating. Even after my repeated requests to Hutch that I don’t want to receive any promotional messages I am still getting them and with good frequency of at least 2 a day! First they said I need to change setting of my mobile phone, then they did some settings at their end but without any effect…… I am fed up with this cold messaging (cold calling!).

June 8, 2006

Clean City , Green City !

The oldest Shopping complex - The Kamani Center

View near kharakai river.

Another view near kharakai river.

For a change cattles in the field and not on the road.

A small basti!

This road is in Adityapur. Those who had been to this area around a year back just can not believe this :-0).

The river kharakai.

The kharakai bank.

Still the bank of river kharakai.

That small hillock is made up of fly ash.

Jamshedpur is surrounded by small hills.

The time square @ Jamshedpur.

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata.

Going towards Bistupur.

Still going towards bistupur.

Still going towards Bistupur.

And the Steel city.

A birds eye view of the city.

Gai humari mata hai!

June 6, 2006

And you said he needs Reservation!

Read this (you need to change the date as 03-June-2006 and then select region as Jamshedpur in City NewsLines in left column). Tudus are native of Santhal Pargana and come under ST category.
By the way 180 to pack bags for IIT from Jamshedpur (you need to change the date as 01-June-2006 and then select region as Jamshedpur in City NewsLines in left column). And that includes my cousin Shainky :-). Congratulations and way to go dude!