April 30, 2007


Kyunki Fighter kabhi haar nahi manta!!

Taken from here.

April 12, 2007

Late Night Teleconference!!

It was a long five way conf call with old friends from college. What a delight it was. Nadeem is in Bangalore, Nitesh in Kolkata, Sashi in Raighar and Rajesh in Mumbai. Call lasted 2.5 hours. Really had a good time pulling each others leg and going back to good ol college day. Nostalgic journey!!

I happens only on Orkut!!

A sample friend request

Passionate about making new married felame friends ... (Still trying to explore the reason why?) If your persuasions matches with me .. add me as friend or message me ..


April 4, 2007

Vishy is no. one!!

At last. For very long, as long as I have known Viswanathan Anand as Indian chess player at international level, he has been no. 2 player in international chess. Finally in the latest list of FIDE ranking he gains the title. Congartulations Vishy!!

Hyderabad gives a damn!!

To the bandh called upon in support of reservation. Unlike Chennai where people supported the move (going by pictures of deserted road which otherwise used to witness traffic jams) here in Hyderabad traffic condition was as usual. Only thing missing from the road was rtc buses. One thing which I didn’t anticipate was police machinery doing their job. You can see traffic cops doing their usual duty despite the fact the bandh is backed by Congress, the ruling party at state as well at center.

Way to go Hyderabad.