June 8, 2006

Clean City , Green City !

The oldest Shopping complex - The Kamani Center

View near kharakai river.

Another view near kharakai river.

For a change cattles in the field and not on the road.

A small basti!

This road is in Adityapur. Those who had been to this area around a year back just can not believe this :-0).

The river kharakai.

The kharakai bank.

Still the bank of river kharakai.

That small hillock is made up of fly ash.

Jamshedpur is surrounded by small hills.

The time square @ Jamshedpur.

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata.

Going towards Bistupur.

Still going towards bistupur.

Still going towards Bistupur.

And the Steel city.

A birds eye view of the city.

Gai humari mata hai!

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