January 20, 2011

Cinderella's Shoes !!

Year was 2001-02 and time was not really good for we guys in the final year of engineering. Recession had hit the usual buoyant mood in the campus. There were few and far between companies coming for the campus recruitment. One such company was X, which came calling for us. They conducted a written test, mostly on business awareness, as part of their recruitment process. Those days I used to regularly follow a business magazine, BW,  and this magazine used to have a regular quiz on business awareness. After the written test of X, I was  totally confident of getting through to next round as this test had almost all the question referred from the magazine BW. But to my utter surprise I was not called for the interview, the next round.

A test which was to test you on business awareness and where you have answered almost all the questions correctly was not enough to get you the interview call. I was shocked. But that was it.

Later I mailed the guy, who came to our college for recruitment on behalf of X, explaining my stand. I wasn't expecting a reply to this mail, sent by a disgruntled student. But a few days later there was a reply from this gentleman. While explaining his company's recruitment policies he asked me to recall the story of Cinderella. He asked me "Amit do you remember Cinderella's shoes? Its about the right fit of the shoes and the feet.And it does not really judges the size of the feet."  Something similar goes on with the selection process, he said closing his mail wishing me luck.

And the lesson stuck with me. I went on to finish my academics and went back home without a job. Around a month later we received a mail from college's TnP about a company, perhaps last visiting our college for our batch, coming for recruitment. I was again back to college. This time I was through to second round after aptitude test. My first round of interview was OK except that I told the interviewer that I wanted to work of couple of years after which I'd like to go for MBA. As opposite to other guys I wasn't called for second round of interview. But to my astonishment I was one of the selected student. 

And thus I started my professional journey 8 years 7 months and 10 days back. After exactly 3 months from now I am going back to academics with the hope of another level of transformation. First level came with the association with REC Warangal. Which taught me to believe in my capabilities; be myself and true to myself; aim high and perseverance and not to miss out Cinderella's shoes :)

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