January 28, 2011

Dream dreams, no one else can see !!

Sometimes you wanna run away,
But you never know what might be coming round your way,
'coz on a day like today, the whole world could change....

There are dreams. And then there are childhood (teenage?) dreams. I have been pretty good at studies and like many other capable students in India I wanted to be the part of selected few at Indian Institute of Technology for my graduation. By the time I reached into class 11th, my goals were clear. First, get into IIT and then go for management studies from Indian Institute of Management. In India for an intelligent science student the combination of IIT-IIM education is zenith of academic qualification. And that became my dream.

Slogging 10-12 hours daily during 11th & 12th and then for another year after that, I could not made it to IIT and settled for second best in line for technical education in India, REC. At that point of time there is only so much one can do and instead of further (especially in Bihar and UP guys keep trying to get into IIT for 2-3 years after there intermediate!!) continuing my pursuit for IIT I joined REC. And never regretted that. A significant part of me is ME because of my association with the college.

After I was done with my graduation I started my professional career. The task in front of me was pretty cut out. Work for couple of years, write CAT and get into IIM. I was little cocky of my abilities and used to be damn sure of getting a call for GD-PI post CAT. Nevertheless, I never compromised with my preparation for CAT and once again slogging started. I used to devote 4-5 hours a day, apart from office, for my studies. Being from Hindi medium background (yes, I did my complete schooling in Hindi!) English used to be my Achille's heels. Hence most of my time went into improving my English language skills. I was quite comfortable with my quants. But the result, mere 92 percentile in CAT. I fell flat in my first attempt.

Subsequent attempts resulted 92(again),94 and 96 percentiles. After 4 attempts, sincere attempts I ended with no call and a broken dream. It was not about studying for MBA, it was about studying for MBA at IIMs. By the time  I stopped my attempt for CAT (My work experience was going towards higher side for 2 yr MBA from IIMs), couple of IIMs have started 1 yr MBA for experienced professionals.

I waited for a few years before taking GMAT, first step towards these executive MBA. And another year for having leadership experience. Meanwhile I was married and professionally doing reasonably good. IIM remained my unfulfilled dream, but routine life started taking toll towards that. I wasn't sure if I'd apply for MBA.

But then "When you know what you want the whole world conspires you to achieve it". It was around July last year, by then the application process for admission into IIMs were already started but I was still in two minds. Due to changed circumstances at my present organization I decided to give it a last shot. I had decided if I don't make it to IIM this time then that'd be it.

But that was not to be. I am indeed going to IIM for my MBA this year. I am part of class of 2012 of PGPEX at IIM Calcutta. But surely miles to go before I sleep :)

Somewhere there's a place for you,
I know you believe it too
Sometimes if you wanna get away
all ya gotta know is what we got is here to stay, all the way!!!

Lyrics (c) Bryan Adams.

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