November 8, 2009

So you can’t speak Bihari!!

No, I can’t. And wait a minute there is no language as Bihari. It is the way we speak Hindi out there sounds like altogether different language, aka Bihari or perhaps a new dialect. Well it is not a dialect either. It is Hindi with regional flavor and some accent to it.

You find many dialects of Hindi being spoken in Bihar, one such dialect Magahi (Magahi paan, beetle, is famous all over India) is what my folks speak. And I don’t know Magahi as well. In fact hardly many in my generation speak Magahi. That is sad. Essentially languages are very integral part of any culture and with most of us confining ourselves to English lately its matter of merely a decade when not many languages would be around. In face I read somewhere that every year 400 languages are getting extinct every year (?). Can something be done about it?


Dominic M said...

Interesting post. It is truly remarkable about the number of languages that exist.

But sometimes I wish that there was only one language. It would have been so easy to communicate with all the people. :) but then again probably language is not the problem.

Amit R Verma said...

Wow, you said it all "probably language is not the problem" . How true.

Anonymous said...

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