March 3, 2006

I am offended!

Am I such an ignorant person, not aware of ground realities? My first reaction, when I read this. The message coming out of it was as if I, and many other men folk as well, am being blamed. An uncomfortable, an awkward feeling. I, for that matter all of my male friends and acquaintances, never indulged in any activity of such kind. Neither had I come across of this any where as back as memory goes. Okay! Just because I had never witnessed or involved in something, I am not denying the existence of that. I do acknowledge existence of offences made against females by few antisocial elements, in most cases male. But they are just that, ANTISOCIAL. For God’s sake don’t generalize the act to whole male species. There are guys, and many of them, who respect and give due importance to members of fairer sex. We don’t consider them as commodities. We do treat them with equality and dignity. And we do respect them.
I had discussion with few of my friends, both male and female. And they all supported my view. This piece by Gaurav aptly reflects my sentiments on the issue. I am offended by generalization.

Update: Now this piece by Annie makes me sit back and take notice. Good!!

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