December 19, 2009

So Where Are You From? !!

The other day I was at the eye clinic , waiting for my turn to see the doctor. There was this old lady sitting beside me and we striked converstaion. She asked where am I from? Ummmm , lets see.

I was born in Gaya , brought up in Motihari (Both in Bihar). Then in Narsinghragh , a remote village in south Jharkhand. Then next 8 years I was in Jamshedpur , where currently my parents are settled. Then I moved out to Warangal, in Andhra Pradesh , for my graduation. After which I have been working in Hyderabad close to 8 years now.

So where do I belong to? Bihar . where I was born. Or Jharakhand , where I was brought up. Or Andhra Pradesh , where I studied and then currently working?

Am I a Jamshedpurian , where my parents are settled now and where I frequently visit. Or am I a Hyderabadi , where I stay to earn my living?

Or am I an Indian?

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DunnoHow2Luv said...

Oh, I know what you mean!! My mom's Yugoslavian, my dad's Irish-Scottish. I really took on the Yugoslavian features but was cursed with the Irish skin. People are thrown back and will ask me where I'm from all the mutt-accent doesn't help. I got the Slavic-Serbian accent of my mom's drowned out by a Philly/Pittsburgh, Ohio, Haiwian, Texas, Kentucky mixed accent. People think it's hilarious and just can't pin-point my accent. I've lived so many places I never know what to answer...and then you have to go into a life-story answer. *SIGH*