November 28, 2008

I Am Scared !!

Yes,I am scared about safety,my safety,safety of my family,safety of my neighbor.Who is responsible for our safety? I don't want to be another victim of a blast or a bullet. Who will ensure safety of each and every citizen of this country?

Its gross , its outrageous. Whatever happened in the Mumbai.

An event can change the whole course of life for somebody. Now is that time for India. Life will not be same again for us, Indians. We have to stop being indifferent, we were not being tolerant. We were indifferent. There is no Mumbai spirit. People were just indifferent. It didnt happen to me, thank God. Next day everything is normal. God damn it!! How can one ignore what happened in trains, and continue with one's daily life as if nothing had happened. That is not tolerance for God's sake. That is indifference to reality. As long as I am not directly affected that is fine. I dont care what happened yesterday and carry on with my own life. That is escapism. Turn back face the reality. If this time we dont do that , we , as nation, can never rise up. Enough is enough.

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