June 23, 2008

Whats Your Name Sire ? !!

"Hello sir, I am calling on behalf of Tata-AIG. Can I have few minutes of your time?"
"And that would be regarding?"
"About some products of ours".
"I am busy, please give me a call some time tomorrow."
"Okey sir. May I know your name sir??"


So these tele-marketers just pick up any no. randomly and call up. Without even knowing the name of the person, forget about having other relevant information of the person they are calling up. Some time back I had registered my no. in NDNC Registry. Now it was time to make to complaint to my telecom service provider. I called the customer care and lodged a complaint against violation of NDNC service.
If you are constantly bugged by different companies for takeing credit cards/loans/insurance policies and what not , it is time to register your cellphone no. to NDNC Registry and putting an end to all unsolicited commercial communnication .

1 comment:

ajay said...

Jusk ask them from where they have got your no. so that you may take action against the person or the organization . Also warn them not to consult you again .