March 12, 2007

Tajmahal - The Engineering Marvel!!

"Magnificent" was the word came into my mind as soon as I saw this view of The Taj. Asthetic beauty apart, did you know that The Tajmahal is a symmetric structure. Not only the main structure but other accompanying structures are symmentrical to the main building. Its very clear from its floor plan. Only thing that is out of proportion in the whole scheme is the grave of Shah jahan, wchich was added later. Taj mahal is one of the finest example of beauty and only after you see this you can appreciate its true beauty, both asthetic and technological.

Entry in the wikipedia mentions that their wasnt a single architect but this project demanded talent from many people. Same entry mentions that the whole project could had been costed more than $300 million. The poet Edward Lear once wrote: “ The population of the world is divided into two categories. Those who have seen the Taj Mahal, and the others”. I am happy to belong to former category :).
The inspiration behind the tajmahal ,as that say, is the love of Shahjahan for Mumtaz, and after visiting Tajmahal, I also think that such a beautiful structure couldn't have originated but from the most beautiful emotion - "Love" !!

floor plan courtesy

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