February 11, 2007

Past is the Prologue!!

What makes a movie, movie? Stars? Story? Entertainment value? Cinematography? Dialogue? I'll say its the amalgamation of all these and more. Consider movie as an art form and watch Black Friday, the release of this movie delayed for three good long years. The movie is essentially adaptation of the book by same name , though i have not read the book and usually movies made as adaptation of book does not create the same effect of book (Harry Potter being exception :D), this movie stands out from other such effort.
The way the story is presented, without being judgemental and showing the facts with emotional dittachment is remarkable, movie is based on 1993 bomb blast in Bombay. Going back in the past and unravelling the plot. Cinematography is good, all the scence captured with red frame, showing interogation by police , interspersed with original clippings of Babari Musjid demolition, and blast sites creates good effect.
All the chacters have done justice with there respective roles. Aditya Srivastava, as Badshah Khan delivers a powerful acting, characterising an accomplice of Tiger Memon, on the run after the blasts. The way he portrays his helplessness, his frustration on being on the run , is just too good.
Now Kaykay Menon.He is such an wonderful actor. He is just outstanding performing a cop, at times ruthless, at other frustated. Menon delivers all nuiances of emotions with perfection.
All other artists gracefully fits in the larger scheme of the plot. The director , Anurag Kashyap, with his directorial debut (a movie which finally released) finds himself in the genere of director whose film can be watched just because he is the director of the film.
If you really like no nonsense movie for its art value, this movie is a must watch.

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