August 14, 2005

Ayn Rand and J K Rowling !

Two women novelist and my both favourite. At the one end Ayn Rand wrote philosophy , creator of Howard Roark and John Galt and the other end Rowling with her Potter thing. I am a big time fan of Harry Potter.
Why these two are my fav?
Ayn Rand :
I just love the characters of Gail Wynand , Dagny taggert , Hank Reardon, Francisco d'Anconia. Some for the way they worked there way up and other for there sheer grit and determination and intelliegence. Strange enough my favourite character is neither Howard Roark nor John Galt.
J K Rowling:
More than the imagination she has used in the novel this is the friendship element among Harry , Ron and Hermione I admire.

Kindda different ? Who is John Galt , anyway ?

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