June 4, 2005

Share It!

Somewhere I read that your happiness increases and your unhappiness decreases when you share them with somebody. And I just cannot tell you how true is this. For the last couple of months things were not working out well, agree those were created by me only and I was making myself suffer (As they say everything is there in your mind , the way you react makes vulnerable or strong in the given situation).

I shared my emotional worries and insecurities with one of my friend, my sis and my dad. And voila, I am feeling much better. I just can’t tell how relieved I am these days. All these days I knew that my suffering is self created and did not hold any ground. At the first place I want very sure about my feelings for her. I myself could never justify the special place she had developed in my life. I was never convinced myself , and during those days I remember the intense fight between my head and heart. And predictably heart won :o) . O kahte hain na heart wants , what it want. There is no logic . Now even I can vouch for the same :-D. Even after I confessed the development of soft corner for her and her saying that as nothing ahead was possible she didn’t encourage me to pursue her , I think my feelings for her didnt subdue and mebbe i was hoping against the hope for things to turn my way.On the surface I thought we were friends but deep within i might have been waiting for her to come my way , mebbe , god nows. But sure enough heart still had upper hand in this matter and the result all the below posts. But now no longer. Abhi apun bindaas .Though I do have strong feelings for her , but now no tension , no worries. Everything is positive now. As they say jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai. Yes I do believe in that. I am a positive man after all :).

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